The Legalities and Benefits of Installing Dropped Kerbs

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Dropped Kerb:

Dropping a kerb is vital to create off-road parking in a driveway on hand only through crossing the pavement. Rather than damaging the kerb, pavement, and any centers in it, Dropped Kerb Contractors lets the council permit you to decrease the kerb and pavement right into a ramp, rendering the path much less complicated to access your drive.

To perform this, a few pieces of info must first be understood. For example, a dropped kerb takes much work to follow multiple guidelines before it can be achieved. It needs planning permission in nearly all instances, and you’ll also want a special crossing license to be granted to use it legally.

Can you have got a driveway without a kerb installed?

One of the main questions we’re requested when designing driveways is whether or not or now not you could have a driveway hooked up without a dropped kerb. The simple answer here isn’t any.

Legally, to use an area as a driveway, you must have a dropped kerb at your house’s outdoor way. Otherwise, if any damage is induced to the pathway while driving over it, you may be responsible for fixing it.

Who Owns the Dropped Kerb?

No be counted what paintings are accomplished to the kerb, the council stays the owner of the footpath always. You have acquired a license to use it and permission to do the work.

But at no point does that mean that you are shopping for the place on the pavement. It is still a public-owned footpath, which is only sometimes likely to be exchanged at any factor.

Widening an existing Dropped Kerb:

If you want to widen a dropped kerb, either current or proposed, you’ll need to go back to the local planning and road administration to test if they approve of the work. If they deem it needless, then they will likely, refuse it.

At the same time, if they deem it too dangerous or add unnecessary risks to the user or the public, they will reject the thriving too.

Losing a kerb is a simple process; the only possible issue is from the council. Still, by using professional services to attract and put up your plan software. You deliver yourself the pleasant viable danger of success and minimize the chance of rejection on any floor.

Many experts will even be happy to demand from you must rejections occur. With authentic relationships with many councils, professionals like architects will often vastly boom your chances of adequate light. For the sake of a few hundred kilos, it is worth the investment.

Approved contractors:

A and M Groundworks is proud to be an approved contractor to put in dropped kerbs for owners looking to install a driveway at their houses. To be approved for installation in dropped kerbs, contractors should meet the council’s strict rules and standards.

To benefit from NRSWA accreditation, contractors should preserve specific qualifications and follow the perfect offense methods, including suitable signage, lighting fixtures, and materials. Once the awarding body is happy that a contractor meets the specific standards. They will be added to the approved contractors to undertake dropped kerbs.

Dropped Kerb Contractors

Steps to the usage of your own contractor:

If you need to use your own contractor, the council should consider whether it suits a dropped kerb. If accepted, we can offer you a drawing and specification for the works with which your contractor should comply.

However, if your own contractor can provide a technical drawing of your suggestion, this could accelerate the method. We also can provide you with a quote if required.

Complete a segment 184 license shape

You or your contractor must fill in the application form for a phase 184 license and send it to us with proofs of coverage documentation (Public Liability of £5,000,000 at least) and Street Works Accreditation to a Supervisory stage. We need all applicable documentation before granting permission and progressing with your program.

Upon receipt of your utility, we can check whether your property is an ex-council house. If it is, we request you provide a copy of a letter from Silva Homes lifting any covenants limiting parking on your property.

Apply for road works approval

On approval of your value, you or your contractor will need to observe for road works allowed, for which there is an extra charge. The council performs a permit system to approve appointments on the toll road, under which absolutely everyone wearing out works on the road legally needs to apply to us for permission before the results go ahead.

Can I drop a curb myself? 

Most local authorities will assign a professional Drop Kerbs Company contractor to complete the job. As soon as your permission has been granted. The nearby council will strongly advise DIY dropped kerbs. however, the council will assist you to DIY it if you are certified to do the jobs yourself.

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